On Your Marks – Racketlon World Championships 2022

On Your Marks will be used at the FIR Racketlon World Championships 2022 – the world champs in the four-racket-sport of table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis in 2022. User registration, enrolling in the tournament, hotel booking, payment and agreement to relevant regulations are all combined in a single web application. With just one QR code scan on On Your Marks, all data may be verified at the FIR Racketlon World Championships 2022. This will mean all registration is completed before the tournament creating an easy and simple tournament experience for all players.

Juniors and Companions

All active participants and guests as well as coaches etc. who want to be present at one of the two events (Vienna & Graz) must register on On Your Marks.

Children under the age of 14 can only be registered with their legal guardian’s account. This is done in the profile of the legal guardian using the “Add person” button.

Registration = Accreditation

On Your Marks is free for users to use. In order to use On Your Marks, it is necessary to enter the name, e-mail address, date of birth, nationality and photo of each user. This information is necessary for the clear identification and accreditation of the user. All user data will follow our data protection guidelines which can be seen here

Access to the FIR Racketlon World Championships 2022 is not permitted without registration on On Your Marks. This is done on the basis of legal requirements and the tournament regulations.

Save up to 50% through On Your Marks

On Your Marks offers the possibility of paying entry fees and making hotel bookings and purchasing other items via the ‘Shop’. The organizer (RFA – Racketlon Federation Austria) is the seller. The organizer grants discounts to all participants if bookings are made via On Your Marks. The following discount scale for early bookings applies:

Entry fee single: March: 40€ | April: 50€ | May: 60€ | June/July: €70 | August: €80

Entry fee double: March-July: 25€ | August: 35€

Please note that discounts only apply if a booking is made at the same time in a tournament hotel through On Your Marks, or if you choose private accommodation (with proof required). Discounts are displayed on On Your Marks at the end of the ordering process.

Purchases per person

All purchases are made per person. Each person must therefore book their share of the hotel room themselves.

Optional cancellation insurance

The organizer (RFA – Racketlon Federation Austria) offers all participants an optional cancellation insurance for 15€. This includes a full refund for non-participation due to COVID-19, injury or other illness (with proof required). Withdrawal is possible up to one day before the start of the tournament. Without cancellation insurance, entry fees and hotel fees will be forfeited in the event of a no-show. You will receive details on insurance during the ordering process.

After completing the purchase in the ‘Shop’, the purchased items (tournament registration, hotel, players’ dinner, insurance, etc.) are displayed in the ‘Wallet’ of the respective user.

Additional purchases (e.g. further competitions) can be made at any time via the ‘Shop’ on On Your Marks.

Synchronisation On Your Marks - Tournamentsoftware

The entries made on On Your Marks are imported into Tournamentsoftware at least once a month by the organizer. Players are free to register on both platforms. Payment of entry fees can be made by cash at the event (but no discount would be possible) or online via On Your Marks (where discounts are possible).

Registration on Tournamentsoftware does not replace registration on On Your Marks. It should also be noted that a license from the FIR – Federation of International Racketlon is required to participate in the FIR Racketlon World Championships 2022. This license can be purchased through TS/memberships/. If no license is active, players must pay for in cash at the event.


All tournament information can be found on the tournament website.

For booking related questions please contact Lena Palatin: palatin@racketlon.at.